Dr. John McDougall begins his book The Starch Solution with a note to the reader, containing the following:

“Diet is powerful medicine. Do not change your diet or start an exercise program if you are seriously ill or on medications unless you are under the watchful guidance of a health care provider knowledgeable about nutrition and its effects on health and about the medications you are taking.”

On the other hand Prof. T. Colin Campbell dedicates his book Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition:

“To all those who unnecessarily paid the ultimate price of a failed health care system, including my wife’s mother, Mary, and my father, Tom.”

There’s the rub. It is essential to heed Dr. McDougall’s warning. In particular, changing to a healthy diet and not tapering medications can lead to being dangerously over medicated. But where can one find a health care provider “knowledgeable about nutrition and its effects on health” in a failed health care system? Just how has the current health care system failed, if it indeed has? In order that you do not pay the ultimate price, or any other price, it is important that you, yourself, understand some of the science and the system. That’s the point of the biomedical research section of this web site.