Around 1980 I became convinced of the validity of the discoveries about diet/nutrition by the scientist Nathan Pritikin. Dr. Michael Greger has two short videos where he explains his family's debt to Nathan Pritikin:

Dr. Greger at one time assumed that once the scientific validity of the powerful role of diet in disease prevention and treatment was verified and published it would have a profound effect on the medical establishment. This turned out not to be true. This may be due to the difficulty people in general have with the unexpected and unfamiliar and the investments specialists have with their current working assumptions.

My professional involvement with biology started in 1973 when an abstract mathematical structure (the hyperoctahedral group, actually) which I had been studying made an appearance in an article in a mathematical biology journal. I was obviously curious.

From reading the article, I didn't believe that my expertise would help with the approach taken there at all, but I thought that there was an approach that would be fruitful. My approach (I called the mathematical objects “labeled reaction matrices”) and its future mathematical and biological results are explained in the publications listed here.

There will be a link to the story of my involvement in biomedical research just before the concluding remarks in the biomedical research section of the web site. The results that others have found, about the relation of diet and disease, are profoundly important, and it's important to first continue with them.