Final Words

Recall Dr. McDougall’s warning:
“Diet is powerful medicine. Do not change your diet or start an exercise program if you are seriously ill or on medications unless you are under the watchful guidance of a health care provider knowledgeable about nutrition and its effects on health and about the medications you are taking.”
In particular, changing to a healthy diet and not tapering medications can lead to being dangerously over medicated.

This also means that if you are already on a healthy diet, then being treated by a "standard of care" (esablished by what, among compromises, is statistically best for people on a standard diet) can also lead to your being dangerously over medicated.

The medical system in its present state of ignoring the best lifestyle and treatment options, is a dangerous place to be in. In this environment it is important to educate yourself, and, as Dr. Abramson advised, form a partnership with your physician.

Educate yourself by looking into the material by those identified as pioneers. They are trustworthy guides. They are good scientists. And they ask questions, rather than memorize answers. They have followed the data where it leads, even if it might put them at risk for their career, status, and financial security.

I can't think of a beter place to start than the DVD (not the cookbook) Forks Over Knives. Get it from or one of the video streaming services.